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Custodia Technology, are the global experts in financial compliance and provide full end-to-end compliance management solutions for both on-premise and cloud, in more than 100 countries.

We are the leading vendor-independent financial compliance technology experts, with the capability to originate, manage, deliver & train to meet the current and emerging needs of the global market environment.


The strength of Custodia's offering is based around a triad of core capabilities; compliance excellence, understanding the global financial services framework, and possessing the most advanced technical knowledge in the market.

Custodia's global financial compliance expertise relies on our single focus on the financial services sector whilst having the track record to choose the most appropriate technologies and methodologies, to meet the bespoke needs of each client.

Custodia is vendor agnostic, fusing together original solutions alongside a teamed partnership approach to implement optimal compliance state solutions on time, every time.


New and emerging global regulations for communications and transactions within the financial sector are placing a greater emphasis on organisations offering financial products and services, to meet the tough and highly complex demands of regulators.

Consumers have never been afforded better protection than today and to meet the regulatory framework requirements, the need for the best communications capture, recording, surveillance and reporting technologies is paramount.

With an active physical presence throughout the world, Custodia has the capability and capacity to manage the full compliance estate of local, regional, national and multi-national financial corporations, covering nearly every language in the world. 

Find out how Custodia has earned the reputation for being the global financial compliance experts.


Our values remind us that people are our most valuable asset.


Come and work with the world's leading compliance technology company.

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