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Our "try before you buy" offer gives you the freedom to test the functionality of CC1 risk-free, with no obligations, and no complex set-up process:


  • 90-day offer*

  • Up to 30 users

  • CC1 US Tenant Only

  • Rapid 3-week set-up

  • Utilising Microsoft Teams

* Offering is subject to terms & conditions - available from your Custodia sales representative.

CC1: Compliance Cloud One

Your Global Compliance Service

The acceleration of digital transformation has brought countless challenges to the compliance landscape. As companies evolve, their data landscape expands, introducing new demands for information monitoring, maintenance, and preservation.

CC1 combines disparate data strategies into an all-in-one flexible environment, built within the cloud. The global suite can record, monitor, and archive information collected from a host of different services, from Microsoft Teams to Cisco UCM Cloud and Zoom.

We created this comprehensive, scalable, and secure solution to streamline compliance processes for every business making the shift into the digital world.

With CC1, you can get rid of data silos, record information rapidly, and maintain complete visibility over your compliance ecosystem, all with just a couple of clicks.


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What is CC1?
An image depicting data being centralized

Custom-built by our compliance experts within the ultra-secure Azure platform, CC1 is a cloud-native solution for compliance management. This end-to-end SaaS solution can capture, and ingest all forms of data from virtually every digital environment.

Not only can you record audio calls with lightning-fast efficiency, but you can also capture video, text, screen sharing, instant messaging, social media, and more. Our software-agnostic approach means CC1 will integrate seamlessly with any of the communication tools you’re already using, from leading brands like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Avaya, and even WhatsApp.

Swap endless compliance strategies distributed across different modalities both on-premise and cloud-based, for an all-in-one service that saves your company time and money.


Centralized views of live, third-party, and legacy-captured data

Asset 2_2x.png

Built-in security, real-time data reconciliation and auditing

Asset 3_2x.png

Access to all communication networks via a single API environment

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Why CC1?  Discover The Power of Unified Data

Comprehensive Compliance, without the complexity

CC1 was designed by the Custodia expert global compliance team to tackle the core challenges facing today’s digitally transforming brands. We built this unified cloud ecosystem around three core pillars:

CC1 Access Layer

Access: Illuminate blind spots in your data strategy with end-to-end visibility. Access all the data you need in one place, including dark data, and leverage in-built analytics to accelerate growth.

CC1 Assurance Layer

Assurance: Take control of your data. Set your own policies for data capturing, simplify the auditing process, and maximize security for all of your insights.

CC1 Capture Layer

Capture: Collect and centralize all of the data you need for end-to-end compliance in one environment. No compromises, no confusion, and no silos.

Control your Compliance Strategy

Take control of your compliance strategy in a comprehensive cloud environment.

CC1 removes the complexity of disjointed data collection and assessment with a unified environment that synchronizes, synergizes, and simplifies your data efforts.

The intelligent ecosystem gives businesses all over the globe everything they need to not only capture data more effectively, but transform dark data into meaningful insights.

Simple, Rapid Deployment

Comprehensive, Convenient Data Capture

Customized Service and Support

Optimize Compliance Fast

Capture Everything in a Scalable Cloud

Analyze and Evolve

Leverage Compliance Expertise

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Alerts, Analytics and Action

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