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With Custodia’s MVR (Mobile Voice Recording) platform, you’re always in control of what’s happening when communications takes place away from the desk.


Network, OS and device-independent mobile voice & SMS recording plus monitoring features means that you never have to change providers, devices or telephone numbers to achieve compliance.

MVR is an app-based solution, replacing the standard dialer, voicemail and SMS with an almost identical GUI, to promote easy user adoption. With iOS and Android compatibility, MVR is the simple way to call, use visual voicemail and, even conference simultaneously with up to 250 colleagues or clients – all from the same application.

Enterprise level encryption secures communications and storage, which can be retrieved through the cloud or via an on-premises installation. Additionally, every recording can be assimilated within the master voice compliance estate, for real-time mobile compliance management.


  • Record all mobile communications

  • Network and OS independent

  • Familiar UI

  • Optimal UX

  • Cloud or on-premise options

  • Filter & retrieve any interaction


  • When you want mobile Voice Recording (VR) to seamlessly integrate with the master voice recording compliance estate.

  • Fulfil the mandatory need for incorporating recording of all mobile communications.

  • When you don’t want to change or use multiple networks, but need the best compliant mobile voice recording solution.

  • You need a mobile VR solution capable of operating on iOS and Android.

  • For device-independent mobile voice recording capable of providing users a simple and effective way of managing visual voicemail or retrieving stored communications quickly.

  • Maintain cybersecurity by implementing encrypted communications and voice retrieval.

  • For organizations who wish to use a virtual and/or on-premises voice and SMS recording platform.

  • Ensuring communications are always recorded across the network, Wi-Fi, PBX with full support for remote communications, using PSTN.



Now that recording mobile interactions is a mandatory requirement, ensuring that staff engage with internal mobile device rules largely depends upon the ease of adoption and, what added benefits can be had through using non-factory installed dialers & SMS.

MVR is a network / OS independent UI, capable of recording and monitoring communications over Network, PBX and Wi-Fi, with PSTN backup for remote location fall-back.


Enable fully integrated voice and SMS management within the compliance estate, whilst giving front-office staff the ability to instantly manage and retrieve communications important to generating new business.

MVR’s single app - multiple functionality approach, makes installation and roll-out easy. Cloud and on-prem installation are available, dependent on organizational needs.


Introduce mobile recording technologies without the need to change network provider or telephone numbers. Instantly converge mobile communications for operational and compliance usage without increasing costs.

MVR removes the need to change smart devices, networks or OS, giving procurement ultimate flexibility in negotiating device and airtime contracts. 


  • Familiar User Interface and best-in-class User Experience.

  • Fully compliant with all regulatory frameworks.

  • Complete integration with the master voice recording platform and available as a cloud-based and/or on-premises installation.

  • Network, OS and Device independent app-based solution.

  • Instantly filter, retrieve and playback, communications and VM.

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