Custodia’s training capabilities are second-to-none. 


Even if you have the perfect voice recording platform, along with optimal policies & procedures in place, training is essential to get the best out of your Voice Recording (VR) estate and ensure compliance in the real world.

We are immersed in financial services, compliance, VR technology and have a complete understanding of the challenges which must be met to deliver a fully compliant trading environment.

Custodia provides global, multi-lingual instructor-led learning and training in whatever format you need. Whether you already have a new or upgraded VR system or, require standards across a variety of trading environments or cultures, Custodia has the knowledge and capabilities to create course materials and to deliver on-site, blended or e-learning training to staff.

We will consider the needs for onboarding, refresher or new-feature learning and will bring your staff up to speed with market regulations, new technologies or security requirements, all under the watchful eye of Custodia’s specialist financial compliance training team.


  • Finance sector experts

  • On-site, blended & e-learning

  • Tech, Regs or Feature training

  • On-boarding and refreshers

  • Assistance with new VR training


  • New Voice Recording (VR) platform features need to be communicated effectively to staff.

  • The roll-out of a refreshed, updated or completely new VR estate needs a full training program to help adoption.

  • Incorporation of new technologies within the voice recording estate will need to be explained to staff and will require development of support materials.

  • The impact of new regulations on communications or recordings requires communicating to staff.

  • You need onboarding, refresher or staff improvement courses.

  • Standardized approach to use of technology and compliance needs to be effectively implemented across different sites or regions.

  • The need for a financial sector specialist to provide bespoke training focusing on regulations and compliance.

Custodia’s training capabilities are second-to-none. 



Compliance is reliant on having VR systems in place capable of meeting regulatory demand. Staff need to learn how to successfully get the best out of your available technologies, at the same time adhering to policies and procedures.

Training is key to making things happen and Custodia has immense knowledge of financial and regulatory frameworks and offers training that fully meets the needs of both inductees and existing staff.


Introduction of new initiatives within an existing VR platform or implementation of a new platform make an essential component in successful realization of your plans.

Front and back-office staff need a solid grasp of the technologies and how to use them. On the other hand IT needs to have considerable knowledge prior to roll-out.


Custodia delivers bespoke learning solutions to meet the individual needs of each department, with optional multi-language support available.


Training is an integral part of any new or upgraded compliance estate. Emerging technologies and new regulations need to be understood by staff, in order to ensure regulatory compliance.


Custodia excels in its understanding of global financial sector rules and regulations. Consideration of training requirements at an early stage helps procurement team to accurately plan for new expenditure and investment associated with building a better compliance estate.


  • Improve and standardize staff knowledge.

  • Support new features or a completely new VR platform.

  • Keep compliance / VR knowledge up-to-date.

  • Bespoke on-site, blended or e-learning.

  • Training by financial sector experts.