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Agile & Flexible: Custodia Responds to Webex Calling Update

  • May 23: Webex announces that its cloud-based phone service, Webex Calling, now includes in-built Call Recording.

  • May 28: Custodia announces that CC1 fully archives calls recorded in Webex Calling.

This CC1 update offers Webex Calling customers the tools to streamline compliance across global operations. It also provides a unified archive for regulated communications and business-wide data, enhancing efficiency and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Christopher Hartley, CEO of Custodia, stated, "Products come to market, and we act. Our agility and ongoing work behind the scenes enable us to put the needs of our customers and the market first."

Agility and flexibility are at the core of CC1, allowing the service to respond quickly and efficiently to evolving regulatory obligations and market developments, tailoring CC1 to meet the needs of its users.

It's the advantage of being an evergreen SaaS shaped by industry and compliance experts.

Contact us via our simple online form to find out more: Contact | Custodia Technology

A woman in a burnt umber turtle neck and black leather jacked multi-tasking by working on her mobile and laptop at the same time. The caption reads: CC1 provides the tools for compliant communications in the office or on the go.

What is Webex Calling?

Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system for mobile devices and existing Cisco in-office communication hardware. The service enhances collaboration by integrating with Webex Teams and Meetings, facilitating communication and content sharing across devices, whether in the office or on the go.

Regulated industries can now improve their compliance capabilities with CC1 and experience seamless communication with Webex Calling.

CC1 fully archives calls recorded in Webex Calling. Also capturing and archiving voice calls, instant messages, screen sharing, and meetings from the Webex unified communications service.

Discover more about our Webex services: Custodia: Webex Compliance Capture


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