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Capture Every Conversation with the CC1 Zoom Integration

The way we communicate has evolved drastically in the last couple of years. Once, the majority of our conversations happened either in person, over the phone, or through email. Now, as companies embrace trends like remote and hybrid work, the demand for video interactions is increasing.

Engaging and immersive, video allows us to replicate the benefits of face-to-face interactions, regardless of where team members might be located. Used correctly, this technology can have a host of advantages for business leaders.

Currently, around 90% of businesses in America say they’re investing in video conferencing tools. Notably, 75% of these video adopters also say the medium helps to promote better productivity, 90% say video helps them to send the right message, and 89% say video reduces the time it takes them to complete projects and tasks.

Unfortunately, video also has its challenges. When it comes to preserving compliance, capturing video content has historically been more difficult than collecting voice or text. Fortunately, there is a solution for companies who want to unlock the power of video, without compromising on data integrity, management, and security: CC1.

Maintaining Communication Compliance with Zoom

To remain compliant with industry, federal, and government regulations, companies need to ensure they’re capturing the right information from every video call. It’s not enough to simply collect voice data, brands also need to ensure they’ll pulling various forms of contextual data from each interaction, from images, to shared screens and files.

Zoom, a market leader in the video conferencing field, is an all-in-one platform where business leaders can host meetings, events, and webinars with minimal effort. Around 66% of companies worldwide rely on Zoom, making it the most attractive platform for video interactions.

While Zoom has some of its own recording capabilities built-in, they’re not always ideal for companies with strict regulatory guidelines to consider. Recording content directly in Zoom means having a separate cloud environment for all of your stored video meetings, and phone calls.

In the past, countless companies have been forced to maintain siloed and separated databases for their calls across different channels, making it much harder to assess and audit information, keep track of conversations, and preserve the integrity of each recording.

CC1, the all-in-one environment for capturing, monitoring, managing, and analyzing communication, offers an alternative solution.

Custom built by the global compliance experts at Custodia, CC1 allows business leaders to combine all of their communication tools into a single environment for recording and monitoring information. This secure and scalable solution eliminates data silos, with end-to-end support for all forms of data, from messaging to screen sharing, video, and audio.

Capturing Zoom Conversations with CC1

CC1 is a software-agnostic ecosystem for compliance management, which bridges the gap between previously distributed tools in the business environment.

Instead of having to use separate tools to collect and curate various forms of data, companies can leverage the power of a centralized compliance system. CC1 not only works with your standard phone systems, messaging tools, email, and collaboration software, it also has a dedicated integration for Zoom.

The CC1 system can capture Zoom meetings and phone calls quickly and conveniently, without compromising on context. The powerful integration ensures business leaders can archive recorded meetings, webinars, live chat, and calls in seconds with the highest level of security.

Once your Zoom conversations are stored within CC1, you’ll be able to audit your information, search through discussions rapidly, and view your data alongside any other communications held within your business. The information you collect is also available to analyze within the CC1 Insight tool, perfect for creating actionable and insightful reports.

Why Use CC1 for Zoom Conversation Capture?

CC1 gives business leaders a convenient way to centralize their visibility into live, third-party, and legacy captured data across every platform. The easy-to-use and streamlined environment was built specifically to help organizations optimize their compliance strategies quickly, without damaging user experience or adoption. With CC1’s Zoom integration, you can:

· Capture all data, anywhere: Collect and centralize data from all communication environments for an end-to-end view of your ecosystem.

· Control your data: Take complete control of your data capture strategy, with custom policies, simple auditing processes, and enhanced security.

· Access insights: Illuminate the dark spots in your data strategy, with built-in analytics to help you pave the way for rapid growth.

The CC1 solution also comes with the option to access white glove services and custom support from the experts within the Custodia team. The compliance professionals offer a combination of “Business as Usual” services like voice recording access provisioning, as well as end-user support and training, data search and retrieval on-demand.

Don’t let your evolving communication strategy create gaps in your compliance landscape. Connect your tools, and secure your data with CC1’s Zoom integration.


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