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How Custodia Technology can help Microsoft Operator Connect Partners

Since the pandemic, demand for Microsoft Teams solutions has never been stronger. With all Microsoft Operator Connect partners trying to move quickly to differentiate and generate additional revenue, Partners can now move quickly and meet the wider range of their customers’ demands.

As Microsoft Teams becomes a core part of organisations, the latter must find a way to integrate the solution and its functionalities into their existing infrastructure. Communication recording is an essential part of this, providing compliance and quality assurance. So how should you go about ensuring the key piece of the communication infrastructure is successfully integrated into your customers’ ecosystem, securely and delivering real business value?

Immediate opportunities exist for every Microsoft Operator Connect partner to take advantage of this trend with Custodia Technology CC1 platform.

Add recording capabilities not only for Microsoft Teams but also across your customers' communication infrastructure

Having the ability to record calls is now a vital part of a business. In regulated industries, for example, call recording technology is essential, supporting compliance with regulations coming out of the FCA in the UK, European institutions (within the MiFID 2 framework) and SEC in the US, with attached hefty fines if not adhered to. Recording calls also enables smoother dispute resolution by keeping records of what has been said in a call. Quality assurance is improved because supervisors can monitor script adherence from agents. And managers can analyse recordings to identify where additional training or support is needed.

Call recording’s uses are increasing. Many forward-looking organisations are now analysing call recordings as part of their 'voice of the customer' initiatives, delivering insights that drive improvements in their products and services.

Generate revenue by expanding your offering – and addressing business drivers

Gartner predicts that by 2025, organisations will record and analyse 75 percent of work conversations, enabling the discovery of added organisational value or risk. By enabling recording across communication infrastructures, including Microsoft Teams, Custodia CC1 will allow you to accompany your customer in its digital transformation journey. People now communicate across a growing communications landscape: mobile, Microsoft Teams, SIP connections, WhatsApp, Messenger and more. With internal conversations, plus connections with partners and customers, there is a challenge for enterprises to gain visibility into all conversations from a single access point. By capturing and unifying every conversation across multiple platforms, Microsoft Partners can generate significant value for their customers, which in turn drives greater retention and stickiness to their services.

Given the importance of communication recording and the accelerating use of Teams, organisations need to be sure they select the right technology solution and partner for their needs. Whether they use direct routing or the Microsoft calling plan approach. Here are the must-have capabilities to tick off your list for your chosen solution/partner:

Powerful analytics to unlock the full value in the recording. The right analytics can deliver deep business benefits; for example, helping pinpoint agent training needs and providing rich customer insight. Look for a solution that uses machine learning and automation for scale and speed.

Custodia Technology, a trusted partner of Tier 1 banks, is offering Microsoft Operator Connect Partners the opportunity to meet the new demand in the best delays, using the best of breed technology. The Custodia’s CC1 SaaS turnkey cloud recording solution is based on compliance and technology expertise as well as a vendor agnostic approach. Implementing Compliance Cloud 1 takes no time thanks to its turnkey approach, enabling the digital journey of customers as soon as they would like to.

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