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Inside Custodia’s Partnership Strategy with Industry-Leading Brands (Orange Business, Microsoft, TSS)

A header image representing global partnerships. The Sub-headline in the image reads: Stronger Together: Meet Custodia's global partners

At Custodia, we firmly believe that two heads are better than one and that teamwork makes the dream work.

Our belief has led us to seek top-tier partner organizations to work alongside, and our partners have seen the value of our CC1 service.

You may have seen our announcement of our partnership with TSS (Trading System Support) yesterday, but did you know we also work with global leaders Orange Business and Microsoft?

As cloud natives and RegTech pioneers, our eyes are fixed on the horizon. And working with equally forward-thinking global organizations is the best way to deliver value to the market and our industry-leading CC1 SaaS to our customers.

Why Our Partnerships Matter

Regulated industries face significant challenges in remaining compliant in a digital and globalized world. To give our customers the tools to thrive, we are agile and innovative and harness the power of our partnerships to help as many businesses as possible.

A pictorial representation of the company and Custodia partner Orange Business

As a global leader in IT and communication services, Orange Business extends our reach and enhances our offer. Their advanced network solutions ensure that our cloud-based capture, validation, and archiving service benefits from a secure and robust global network, providing customers with unparalleled access to essential data management tools.

A pictorial representation of the company and Custodia partner Microsoft

Being a Microsoft partner leverages the power of Azure to underpin CC1 with advanced security and scalability. This integration is crucial to ensure that our service is agile, flexible, and robust, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

A pictorial representation of the company and Custodia partner Trading System Support (TSS)

Our partnership enables TSS's customers to transition from basic data capture to capture, validation, and archiving in line with rapidly evolving regulatory obligations, allowing more businesses to benefit from CC1.

The Impact of Our Partnerships

Working with global giants like Orange Business and Microsoft and industry experts like TSS enhances CC1's capabilities. It increases our market presence, solving more issues for more businesses worldwide. 

Enhanced Technological Integration

Microsoft Azure's robust cloud infrastructure allows us to scale CC1 seamlessly across borders, while Orange Business's global network and unrivaled expertise strengthen our service delivery. 

Worldwide Market Access

Innovation Through Collaboration

Customer-Centric Solutions

As you can see, partnerships play a vital role in our success, helping us exceed what's expected - turning a regulatory burden for our customers into an opportunity to collect, analyze, and utilize data. After all, data is the most precious asset of the digital age.

We are grateful to continue this journey with our partners and are privileged to work with many good people.


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