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Master Compliance with the CC1 Cisco Webex Teams Integration

The communication landscape has come a long way in recent years. Today’s companies don’t just rely on faxes, emails, and phone calls to collaborate and connect with customers. Instead, we’re dealing with ever-more advanced omnichannel landscapes, brimming with different tools for messaging, text, and video. While this diverse communication space has helped countless companies to unlock new levels of innovation and productivity, it isn’t without its challenges.

Specifically, the more communication channels a company accesses, the more distributed points of data it needs to capture, record, and protect to maintain compliance. As of 2021, around 79% of companies are using digital collaboration tools, and 99% of remote workers aren’t just relying on one service, but an average of 4.8 different applications.

To simultaneously empower and engage employees, while protecting the business from common compliance problems, businesses need an all-in-one environment for managing all forms of communication, both in the cloud, and on-premises.

Achieving Communication Compliance with Cisco Webex Teams

In an age of endless collaboration, platforms like Cisco Webex Teams have become increasingly compelling for many business leaders. The app-centric, all-in-one cloud-based service provides business leaders with a complete collaboration space for employees from every sector.

The Webex environment even offers tools for file and document sharing, virtual whiteboarding, customer service, and workflow management. Built to help teams work together seamlessly, Cisco Webex has emerged as one of the go-to applications for business productivity.

However, even within this environment, there are a multitude of different kinds of communications data to keep track of. Business leaders need to ensure they’re effectively capturing, monitoring and protecting not just audio calls, but instant messaging conversations, and file transfer.

While the Cisco Webex platform has some of its own recording capabilities available, they may not be the ideal option for every business. Recording content within the Webex ecosystem can mean companies need to create a separate cloud environment for storing relevant information from calls, videos meetings and texts – one that doesn’t integrate with their other apps and on-premises tools.

Siloed databases can lead to significant problems for business leaders, making it difficult to maintain end-to-end process visibility, and preserve the integrity of every recording. Fortunately, there is a solution that can bring Cisco Webex together with all of the existing tools used in the business environment, from legacy services to other cloud applications: CC1.

Built by the compliance leaders at Custodia, the CC1 solution allows business leaders to bridge the gaps between every communication tool and platform in a secure and scalable environment, with end-to-end support for capturing all forms of data.

Collecting Cisco Webex Teams Data with CC1

The software agnostic experience offered by CC1 provides business leaders with an all-in-one environment for compliance management, with support for capturing messages, voice, video, screen sharing, whiteboard data and more. Rather than having to use separate tools to monitor information across different platforms, companies can use CC1 to track everything in the same place.

The CC1 integration for Cisco Webex Teams allows companies to rapidly capture not just voice information, but also Webex IM data. Business leaders can use CC1 to capture context rich messages from Cisco Webex Messenger. Plus, the data recorded is also available within CC1 Insight for reporting requirements. CC1 protects data with the highest levels of security, and makes it simple for any business user to capture the right data from every communication landscape.

Once the CC1 is live, it will allow users to automatically record the interactions that take place within the Webex Teams platform, before they’re uploaded into the CC1 system for analysis, storage, and management. Users can then access CC1 to audit their information, search through discussions, and make reports available to regulatory authorities.

Why Use CC1 for Cisco Webex?

In today’s evolving communication and collaboration landscape, Custodia’s CC1 gives business leaders a convenient and secure way to maintain compliance. The easy-to-use environment integrates directly with tools like Cisco Webex Teams, to help businesses capture all the data relevant to their compliance requirements anywhere.

Businesses can maintain complete control over communication and collaboration data, access insights by illuminating dark data with “Insight”, and stay one step ahead of the regulations. Custodia even offers white glove services to assist businesses in making the most of their technology.

Contact Custodia today to learn more about the CC1 Webex integration.


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