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Custodia Selected to Microsoft ISV Program

An image depicting Custodia's selection to join the Microsoft ISV program.

Custodia is delighted to announce our selection to joining the Microsoft ISV Program enabling us to fast-track innovation, support the increasing need of our clients for cloud financial compliance solutions, and the expansion of our services portfolio in the Microsoft marketplace in partnership with Microsoft.

Cloud solutions offered by SaaS providers must be modern and well-architected apps as it has never been more important than today. The financial industry had already embraced digital transformation before the pandemic, COVID-19, and the new hybrid working environment only further accelerated cloud adoption.

Custodia aims to support customers in their digital transformation journey and respond to the market increasing “cloud-first” strategic approach now definitely expanded to the financial compliance segment. By joining the Microsoft ISV Program, Custodia will be able to leverage on deep domain expertise and cutting-edge technology from Microsoft and offer new essential services via the marketplace ecosystem. The programme is designed to fast-track innovation adoption under the auspices of the Microsoft partnership.

The strategic program fits with Custodia’s goal of making it easier for customers to adapt to increased regulatory scrutiny, embrace better management of regulatory data and further full use of data analysis opportunities while driving with piece of mind their digital transformation adopting a trusted and secure cloud solution.

Fernando Cacere, Custodia CTO, is passionate about the need for a journey to more innovation. He explains:

"With the continued acceleration of digital transformation, every organisation, small or large, in every industry across the globe, will require cloud infrastructure and services to power their business. As customers’ needs for cloud solutions exponentially increase, so do the opportunities for SaaS providers to connect with partners and customers across the Microsoft marketplace."

Fernando continues to reveal:

"The key to meeting its clients’ regulatory data ambitions resides in its ability to keep up with the pace of change and innovation. The ISV program will be an essential platform for close collaboration and participation in co-design sessions, proof of concepts and technical previews. CC1 will remain the evergreen turnkey reference to compliance services in the financial services industry, offering services fully leveraging on market trends and technological advances."

Christopher Hartley, Custodia CEO, describes how this award will Accelerate Digital Transformation:

"The Microsoft ISV program will provide our customers with more targeted offers, improving customer service and, in turn, the long-term relationships, more quickly.

Custodia’s continued commitment to the Microsoft ecosystem comes in response to the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, triggered by COVID-19 as our customers explored new communication channels and compliance innovation services across in all regions.

Chris continues to outline Custodia’s priority:

"To support our clients with the latest technology services that help them meet their compliance obligations in remote and hybrid working environments, particularly around cloud security, and to address also their own specific business needs. The Microsoft ISV Program will enable Custodia to extend the technical capabilities at a faster pace, and ensure our services get optimal value from investment."

About Custodia

Custodia are global compliance technology experts in voice and communication recording, specialised in the financial services sector. They provide full end-to-end compliance management services for both on-premise and cloud in more than 100 countries. Custodia are vendor-independent experts, with the capability to capture, record, store, and analyse voice recording data to meet current and emerging regulatory needs of their global market financial players.


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