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Achieving excellence in compliance management can be a real challenge when considering the optimal way to install, migrate, and harmonize a complex, fragmented or end-of-life compliance infrastructure.

Custodia’s knowledge of legacy, current and emerging voice recording technologies guarantees an intelligent and economical installation and migration process, putting you in control of recording, monitoring and managing voice and data communications.

Plus, Custodia seamlessly can add new metadata and trader-talk transcription analysis to legacy recordings, whilst introducing newer mobile and video collaborative technologies to the Voice Recording (VR) platform, for the needs of today’s compliance demands.


  • Multi-skilled approach

  • Embracing emerging VR tech

  • Enhancing legacy data

  • Harmonizing VR platforms

  • Optimal TCO & efficiencies



  • Automation of labor intensive manual data retrieval to meet mandatory 72-hour regulatory submission timeframes.

  • Technical refresh or upgrade of existing enterprise voice platforms for improving compliance management.

  • Migration to and deployment of a new Voice Recording (VR) platform to meet inter-regional voice storage, legal hold and reporting requirements.

  • Replacement of end-of-life or unsupported hardware and media formats.

  • Virtualization of the compliance estate to improve resilience and promote infrastructure and application optimization.

  • Merging multi-location VR platforms to standardize protocols and procedures for meeting complex global regulatory requirements.

  • Standardizing VR replay platforms, converting and enhancing legacy media with enhanced metadata for robust and secure archival.

  • Unlocking the potential for improving real-time monitoring, analysis and reporting, to mitigate against suspicious activities.



Retention of existing data within a robust, secure and/or virtualized environment provides essential regulatory protection for compliance management.


The ability to add metadata to legacy recordings, introduce new specific functionalities, plus integrate all forms of voice & video capture under one playback state, satisfies every compliance need.


Replacing manual retrieval with automation ensures satisfaction of delivery within regulatory timescales.


Technology teams need to manage and control the VR infrastructure, to facilitate intelligent and instant provision of every type of communication data.


Refreshing the existing VR estate or, migrating to a modern platform means that new collaboration technologies and legacy storage can be better analyzed and accessed with ease. The IT challenge is to deliver within budget, looking for operational efficiencies, reducing manual interventions, footprint within the data center and overall license savings.


Tangible cost, labor and space-saving efficiencies are gained by installation and migration of new voice recording platforms.


Harmonization and consolidation of legacy data reduces both server requirements and data center footprint.


Additional savings can be gained through license harmonization, providing positive outcomes for procurement departments.


  • Optimize your Voice Recording (VR) environment by synchronizing legacy, existing and emerging voice technologies including mobile, video, and SMS.

  • Achieve best-in-class technology refresh solutions through Custodia’s expert technical knowledge.

  • Harmonize and centralize the voice estate for financial institutions operating or trading internationally.

  • Tap into Custodia’s technological knowledge base and benefit from implementing the most advanced, regulator-friendly VR solutions.

  • Get independent, vendor agnostic advice and review your Voice Recording (VR) options with confidence.

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