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Custodia's teamed approach to service & support means you'll always have a single dedicated point of contact for your compliance needs.

Achieving compliance relies on your voice recording estate functioning effectively around the clock. Most Voice Recording (VR) platforms within the finance sector include a jigsaw of vendors, presenting a unwanted quest for technology teams, when they need quick and efficient answers, or solutions, to issues.

With Custodia's expert support you'll have one point of contact to deal with every issue, thus eliminating ping-pong ticketing between IT and vendors.

We deliver off-site/on-site resolution across 100+ countries. With Custodia, independent vendor management, service & support are underpinned at the outset by a comprehensive compliance estate audit and architecture review. 


  • Full compliance estate review

  • Single point of contact

  • Independent support

  • 100+ countries covered

  • Off-site / on-site support

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  • The complexity of Voice Recording (VR) hardware/software and associated service & support issues requires a full audit and architecture of the compliance program and processes.

  • Recognition that a single point of contact for support and service will improve turnaround times and issues resolution.

  • Centralizing all accountability for vendor management through an independent, expert service and support partner with the capabilities to satisfy multi-country, complex compliance needs.

  • Assistance and support throughout the upgrade-optimize-virtualize-migrate process of legacy platforms.

  • Requirement for fully managed support services for the voice recording estate.

  • Comprehensive level 2, level 3 and on-site support capability required.



Regulatory demands can only be met if voice recording platforms are effectively operational 24-7-365. As individual vendors only support their own hardware and software, disputes over accountability can impact upon resolution times and valuable staff resource.

Reduce your risk exposure by choosing one single independent point of contact.


The challenge of supporting multiple technologies across a number of vendors is in keeping voice recording platform operating effectively, which can consume significant IT resources.

Custodia has the expertise to help manage your VR infrastructure, introducing a single point of contact, eliminating the need for you to wait for multi-ticketed feedback from an array of vendors. 


Custodia’s expert service & support keep costs in-check helping to identify potential issues through auditing of the entire compliance infrastructure and delivering best-advice for each service or support request.

Working in partnership with procurement, future financial investment can be planned smoothly with a view of managing TCO more efficiently.


  • Eliminate vendor conflict and confusing advice.

  • Choose one single point of contact for all Voice Recording (VR) service & support needs.

  • Reduce issues resolution timescales.

  • Significantly improve the quality of service you receive.

  • Ensure you always have best-in-class independent support.

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