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Custodia provides the complete package of software to clients looking for the ideal recording and verification solution.

Compliance is realized through Custodia’s deep integration with Cisco UC, Skype for Business and many other collaborative technologies. Our software offers the most robust and secure methods of capture, control and compliance-friendly retrieval functionalities.

Custodia’s automated verification software actively checks and provides near real-time reporting and monitoring delivering a deeper understanding across the critical communications and compliance environments


  • Designed for financial compliance

  • Full integration with major vendors

  • Real-time verification

  • Advanced systematic approach

  • Embraces new collaborative technologies


  • Capture everything across all types of communication technologies, using the most advanced integrated software platform.

  • Fully comply with regional regulations including Dodd-Frank, MiFid II, HIPAA, GDPR and, eliminate the risk of heavy fines and penalties.

  • Reduce the need for human intervention through fully automated capture, recording, monitoring, verification and reporting capabilities.

  • Get repeatable, consistent results for testing, reporting and provision of standardized evidence.

  • Centralize the approach to Voice Recording (VR) estate systems management and reporting.

Custodia provides the complete package of software for the ideal recording solution.



Advanced software enables specific functionalities to be incorporated into the compliance mix.

Automation provides high speed, accuracy and full accountability at every touchpoint along the compliance pathway. Inclusion of real-time trade-simulations and smart verification processes helps satisfy the compliance conundrum. 


Connect with only provider who fully understands the compliance needs within the financial sector and, is equipped to deliver a fully supported software offering.

Custodia provides an intelligent approach to harmonizing your VR platform needs, managing the introduction of its best-in-class software with an expert support & service provision, giving you backup for successful implementation.


Automated software for capture, recording and retrieval of real-time collaborative technologies delivers best-of-breed performance-to-cost ratio; going beyond existing or traditional methods of voice recording platform management.

Procurement benefits from future-proofing its investment and, reducing human interactivity via integrated automation.


  • Significantly improve the speed and accuracy of voice estate management.

  • Fully meet the needs of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, optimize trader surveillance and, reduce the risk of fines or non-compliance.

  • Wizard-driven workflows, with the additional option for customized workflows, to suit your bespoke operational and compliance needs.

  • Auto discover changes within the Voice Recording (VR) environment.

  • Lowering the total cost of ownership across the compliance estate.

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