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Compliance is a dynamic,

ever-evolving landscape.

As the world we know continues to evolve, with trends like hybrid working and cloud computing taking over, the rules and regulations affecting companies from all industries transform with it. Staying one step ahead of the guidelines for capturing, recording, processing, and managing data can be notoriously difficult.

That’s where Custodia

steps in.

Taking a holistic approach to end-to-end compliance, we offer companies a fully vendor-agnostic and comprehensive strategy for compliance. Our unique approach combines pioneering omnichannel compliance technology with bespoke customer service, to address the needs of every evolving company.

The Custodia Approach


True compliance requires a comprehensive approach. That’s why Custodia delivers solutions built to address regulatory issues facing your company. Our innovative regulatory compliance service, “CC1”, combines disparate data strategies into an all-in-one environment.

Record, monitor, and analyze information from multiple sources, including legacy systems, hybrid tools, and cloud platforms, in a simple dashboard, built for you. Eliminate information silos, identify and deal with threats instantly, and leverage the benefits of an endlessly scalable system.

With Custodia, you’ll have the all-in-one solution you need for archiving, collecting, storing, and managing data, no matter how your ecosystem grows.

Our services go beyond innovative technology too. Our team of experts in the compliance industry can provide white-glove support to your company, to help you achieve your regulatory goals. We provide comprehensive BAU services such as voice recording access provisioning, end-user training, and data search and retrieval on demand. Whenever you need a compliance expert, Custodia is here.

Why Choose Custodia?



We are the provider of choice for compliance solutions for businesses all over the world. Our clients choose us based on our:


Redefining Regulatory Compliance



In our data-driven economy, regulatory bodies are implementing tougher rules and sanctions to protect consumers, and their information, and ensure market integrity.

At the same time, businesses from every sector are collecting, creating, and consuming more data than ever before. This creates an overwhelming demand for a future-proof, and all-encompassing compliance strategy.

Custodia bridges the gap in your data ecosystem, offering end-to-end visibility and insight to help you manage risks and capture data across every platform. As the leading global experts in compliance, we deliver solutions tailor-made for every use case. In more than 100 countries, we’ve delivered on-premises and cloud-based compliance strategies to businesses of every size, ensuring they’re always ready for the next generation of data protection.

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