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What is the Best MS Teams Capture Service in 2024?

The explosion of hybrid/remote working has intensified the need to communicate quickly and effectively on widely used and easily understood unified communications platforms while complying with rapidly evolving regulations.

Microsoft Teams is one of the largest unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Over 1 million organizations use Microsoft Teams, including 91% of Fortune 100 companies. MS Teams recorded 4.1 billion meeting minutes in just one month, and over 6.22 billion chats are recorded on Teams each year.

But what is the best MS Teams capture service in 2024 for regulated industries that allows the benefits of Teams without compliance headaches?

The answer, we believe, is CC1.

CC1, powered by Custodia, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, capturing voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing, and instant messages to provide a toolkit for regulatory compliance and the potential for deep business insights.

There are a number of reasons why we are convinced that CC1 stands out as the best service to capture MS Teams in 2024.

Let's take a closer look at them.

An image picturing MS Teams and CC1 together further outlining how CC1 is the best MS Teams Capture Service in 2024.

It's Time to Get Started with MS Teams Capture for Compliance!

Here's how CC1 meets your data capture and archiving requirements while offering you the potential for deep business insights and data-driven decision-making:

Unparalleled Capture Availability

With 99.999% (5*9s) capture availability, CC1 works to ensure that no communications or data are missed, providing organizations with peace of mind in even the most demanding regulatory environments.

Near-Real-Time Reconciliation and Validation

Golden Source of Truth

Unified User Interface and Secured API

Secure Microsoft Teams Recording

Global Deployment

Teams Compliance Recording Made Simple

Empowering Hybrid/Remote Work Environments

Evergreen Service with 24/7 Support

CC1, powered by Custodia, revolutionizes data capture, validation, and archiving across data sources and modalities, offering a service that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Join the global businesses that benefit from CC1 to capture, validate, and archive their regulated digital data while gaining the potential for deep business insights.

Record Microsoft Teams with confidence today!


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