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Boost Your Business with CC1 Insight: Monitor Compliance Records With Ease

Turn Compliance Challenges into Opportunities with CC1 Insight

Have you seen the news? Regulators are toughening their stance, closing loopholes, and asking regulated industries to approach data, compliance, and risk management from a business-wide perspective.

A quote outlining the importance of compliance departments utilizing business data.

How do you turn these growing compliance challenges into opportunities? Is there a way to meet regulatory obligations while leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver deep-dive insights and the potential for real business gains?

Meet CC1.

CC1, powered by Custodia, captures, validates, and archives regulated digital data from any source: cloud or on-premises, real-time or historic, creating the unchangeable archive regulators demand.

The service also consolidates business-wide captured communications and operational data into a single UI and a unified API that provides the potential for third-party-platform data analysis and utilization via CC1 Insight.

We believe that CC1 Insight, a feature of CC1, is the best way to monitor all of your compliance records with ease and the best way to utilize your captured regulated digital data, allowing you to gain a whole-business perspective while turning compliance challenges into opportunities.

Let's take a closer look.

Implementing holistic compliance measures with CC1 Insight

The System

CC1 Insight is a tool for automation, reporting, and monitoring that identifies compliance issues with captured data in near-real-time. It offers data reconciliation, test calls, advanced reporting, near-real-time oversight of compliance architecture, an intuitive UI, and API access to your regulated digital data.

The Benefits

Automated Reporting and Anomaly Identification

CC1 Insight streamlines compliance management by automating testing processes, generating diverse reports, and proactively identifying anomalies.

Compliance Peace of Mind

Efficient Data Utilization

Unlocks The Potential for Business Gains

CC1 gives you the power to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving regulatory obligations through proactive compliance, putting you in control of your regulated digital data.

But that's not all. CC1 insight allows you to gain a whole-business data perspective while illuminating previously dark data, data that can be used to drive real business insights.

This is why we believe CC1 Insight is the best way to monitor your compliance records and utilize your captured regulated digital data.


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