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Custodia forges partnership with Intelligent Voice to enhance compliant voice capture

Partnership transforms communications compliance data into strategic asset for regulated industries.

Regulated digital data capture, validation, and archiving specialist, Custodia has announced it has integrated Intelligent Voice’s AI-powered speech recognition voice analysis solution into its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Compliance Cloud One (CC1), transforming data capture for businesses operating in regulated industries such as finance, energy, and healthcare.

CC1 monitors, records, and captures data across all sources, providing a single repository and view of all business data. Sources include text, instant messaging, screen share, video, social media, as well as CRM, and HR. The integration of Intelligent Voice brings vital conversational intelligence capabilities to CC1, including speech to text, it is trained in 25 languages, industry jargon and lingo, voice analytics and biometric identification, sentiment, and behaviour analysis.

This comprehensive solution streamlines compliance processes, eliminates data silos, records information rapidly, assures, reconciles, validates, and monitors data, while maintaining complete visibility over the entire compliance ecosystem.

Chris Hartley, CEO of Custodia said: “Accurate voice capture has been a huge challenge in many business environments. Background noise combined with language, industry jargon and lingo, as well as the prevalence of hybrid working, have all played a part. Using natural language processing and biometric technologies, Intelligent Voice’s solution overcomes this.

“Our strategic partnership with Intelligent Voice adds substantial value to our compliance solutions, easily accessible through CC1, allowing businesses all over the globe to meet increasingly complex regulatory obligations.”

Ben Shellie, CEO of Intelligent Voice said: “Through our strategic partnership with Custodia, Intelligent Voice is revolutionising compliant voice capture by transforming it into strategic data deliverables. Our AI-powered speech recognition and voice analysis solution, integrated with CC1, offers businesses the tools they need to access previously untapped data.”


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