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Evolving at Pace, Custodia CC1 Service and Ecosystem

Amidst our busy schedule at Custodia, we haven't had the chance to update everyone on the latest developments with CC1. So, let's take a moment to catch our breath and do just that.

Our focus is on providing the highest value to customers, ensuring well-organized, secure, and accessible regulated data. CC1's core capabilities cover data capture, assurance, and access, forming an ecosystem of 3rd party components and other partner interop’s that work seamlessly with the core CC1 service to solve customer problems and deliver greater overall value.

Let's explore the recent developments and new capabilities with CC1.

Mobile and Off-Channel Communications

This is an acute pain point for customers in financial services as regulatory activity enforcement continues and the wave of communications applications in use both internally and externally with employees continue to grow and show no sign of stopping.

In response, Custodia launched CC1 Messaging Service to help companies achieve strong compliance by capturing all regulated communications on native apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, SMS, and iMessage) from personal devices. Eliminating third-party apps reduces complexity, enhances privacy, and boosts productivity. BYOD usage is supported, avoiding the need for business smartphones or subscriptions, and only professional chats are recorded, safeguarding private conversations.

CC1 offers an optimal solution to address the industry pain point, but some companies have already invested in third-party mobile voice recording solutions they want to leverage. That's why CC1 seamlessly interop’s with established legacy and cloud providers in mobile messaging. By centralizing, normalizing, and archiving data sets, CC1 streamlines compliance and analysis, enabling organizations to efficiently meet regulatory obligations and leverage existing investments in mobile voice recording solutions.

Transcription and Biometrics

The dynamic world of financial trading demands efficient management of conversation records, real-time surveillance, and accurate communications capture. With CC1's transcription and biometrics capabilities, Custodia has formed a powerful partnership with Intelligent Voice, a leader in proactive compliance and eDiscovery for voice, video, and data.

Through the CC1 API, your data effortlessly integrates with the Intelligent Voice platform, unlocking a world of possibilities. Communications are transcribed with remarkable accuracy, allowing for seamless review and analysis. The speech recognition technology employed by Intelligent Voice converts calls into text, automatically generating accessible transcripts within CC1 Insight. This transformative collaboration not only enhances compliance posture but also equips you with a wealth of data for business purposes. Intelligent Voice's patented speech recognition technology also acts as a safeguard against fraudulent activity, ensuring secure and authentic digital communications.

CC1 Insight Enhancements

CC1 Insight, our purpose-built automation, reporting, and monitoring tool, offers you complete visibility into your data captured by CC1, through the Insight API, data can be exported to business intelligence, AI, and real-time surveillance tools within the customer's data architecture. And now, with the latest CC1 Insight Version 2, we've taken it to the next level, maximizing value and security.

Enhanced security is a core focus of Version 2, as we introduce the mutual transport layer security (mTLS) protocol. This cutting-edge technology ensures secure two-way traffic over public IP addresses, effectively mitigating cyber threats such as spoofing and phishing.

Moreover, Version 2 expands support for exporting additional metadata fields, empowering you with richer and more comprehensive data. CC1 Insight has also introduced new features like calls reconciliation, metadata export, and search functionalities. The updated dashboard includes an enhanced global map widget, simplifying the monitoring of active users and recent activities across various locations.

In Summary: Empowering Success, Streamlining Compliance

These added capabilities in the core CC1 service and in the ecosystem solve pressing problems for companies that deal with regulated digital data.

Custodia is dedicated to simplifying and automating regulatory compliance, providing a faster and more cost-effective experience for compliance professionals and their organizations. We achieve this by ensuring your data becomes more accessible, usable, and shareable across the entire data architecture.


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