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Navigating Increasing Regulatory and Legal Enforcement: How CC1 Solves the Challenge

In the dynamic realm of financial services, regulatory and legal enforcement landscapes are swiftly evolving, creating pressing challenges for entities across market segments. Asset management firms, funds, and SEC and FINRA-registered broker-dealers grapple with escalating concerns about meeting the expanding record-keeping obligations imposed by global regulation requirements.

US Regulatory Expansion:

The SEC's recent shift in investigation focus has extended beyond traditional broker-dealers, now encompassing buy-side firms and credit rating agencies. This underlines the urgency for a proactive compliance program.

European Regulatory Changes:

Simultaneously, Europe undergoes a regulatory evolution, incorporating new market segments like benchmark providers into record-keeping obligations. In France, CNIL guidelines mandate recording telephone conversations for insurance companies as proof of contract.

CC1: A Comprehensive Regulatory Solution:

Amidst these evolving regulatory landscapes, Custodia introduces CC1, a solution designed to address the increasing compliance challenges faced by entities in the financial services sector. Custodia's regulatory department collaborates closely with third parties and regulatory bodies, enabling them to anticipate future market needs well in advance.

Key Features of CC1:

Secure Data Capture:

  • Ensures that all business-related communications are securely captured, validated, and archived in alignment with local regulations.

Proactive Regulatory Compliance:

  • Anticipates and stays ahead of evolving regulations, providing customers with peace of mind.

All-in-One Service:

  • CC1 is an all-encompassing service, eliminating the need for customers to keep up with the complexity of the regulatory landscape themselves.

Focus on Business Duties:

  • Allows customers to concentrate on their day-to-day business duties without being burdened by the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

As the scope of regulatory scrutiny continues to broaden, entities such as asset management firms, fund managers, and broker-dealers face increasing compliance challenges. With CC1, Custodia offers a comprehensive and proactive solution, empowering customers to navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly. By ensuring secure data management and anticipating regulatory changes, CC1 allows businesses to focus on their core functions, confident that their compliance needs are met with precision and efficiency.


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