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New compliance Transcription service from Custodia converts audio communications into text.

Custodia Technology has announced the addition of Transcription to its CC1 service available in Q1 2022. CC1 Transcription uses speech recognition technology to convert captured calls into text providing comprehensive analytic capabilities. Clients will be able to proactively identify potential compliance issues and respond swiftly to regulators’ questions.

Complementary speech recognition technologies such as biometric or sentiment provide vital data to analyse and identify early communications that need scrutiny or improvement. The needs for Transcription are diverse - meeting regulatory obligations, fraud detection, improving customer experience, assessing agent performance, or gauging the mood of a meeting. Listening into dozens, hundreds, even thousands of calls made by your users is a colossal task. Transcription, from Custodia Technology does the heavy lifting using AI based, GPU accelerated speech recognition and analysis to identify potential compliance concerns in a data set.

Transcription strengthens the offering of Custodia Cloud Compliance OneSM which provides native cloud-based tamper-resistant communications recording service. CC1 capture all audio, video, screen sharing and IM from multi-modalities (including MS Teams, Cisco, Turret, Mobile phone and more), store all the recording and metadata. Then, Custodia CC1 Insight that provide end to end visibility on the CC1 service, automate validation and generate compelling evidence of the conformity with financial regulatory obligations. Transcription is part of the proactive compliance and eDiscovery suite of enhanced services Custodia provides for its clients.

Custodia Technology are global compliance technology experts in compliance services specialised in the financial services sector. We provide full end-to-end compliance management solutions, both on-premises and cloud, in more than 100 countries. We are vendor-independent experts, with the capability to capture, store, and analyse communications recording data to meet current and emerging regulatory needs of global financial market players.


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