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Proactive Compliance: Clean, Consolidated, Secure Data

Regulated industries are increasingly adopting cloud-based technologies to facilitate their digital transformation. However, compliance record-keeping obligations remain crucial as regulators seek to enforce rapidly evolving regulations, penalizing businesses that fall below the required standards of compliance, leading to potential reputational damage.

In this landscape, Custodia offers CC1, a cloud-based service that revolutionizes proactive compliance while addressing the challenges of data capture.

Transition Seamlessly from Legacy Systems to the Cloud

CC1 streamlines the transition from legacy infrastructure  to cloud-based services by capturing regulated data from legacy and cloud-based systems, resulting in a unified data lake This approach enables businesses to continue leveraging their existing investments in legacy infrastructure while gradually transitioning to the cloud, thus meeting the financial demands of undergoing digital transformation.

Compliance Monitoring Evolves

Manual monitoring and analysis of voice recordings is becoming obsolete. CC1 ensures that data from multiple communication channels is accessible and searchable in near real-time.

Voice Recognition Gets Intelligent

Modern speech technology powered by AI is revolutionizing workflows for compliance and monitoring. Techniques are used to optimize voice data, especially in situations with sector-specific jargon,  high background noise, or strong accents.

Custodia's recently announced integration of Intelligent Voice's AI-powered speech recognition into CC1 is a pivotal moment in data capture for regulated industries like finance, energy, and healthcare.

Intelligent Voice integration provides vital conversational intelligence capabilities, including speech-to-text in 25 languages, industry-specific comprehension, voice analytics, biometric identification, and sentiment and behavior analysis.

Proactive Compliance: Clean, Consolidated, Secure Data

Adopting digital technologies has significantly improved compliance monitoring, particularly in the financial sector.

Standing at the forefront of proactive compliance, CC1 captures and consolidates all business data from all sources, providing a secure API for further surveillance, machine learning, training, and behavioral analytics. With seamless integration and the potential to gain deep data insights, CC1 is a crucial service to regulated industries.

As industries digitally transform, CC1's commitment to clean, consolidated, and secure data provides the tools companies need to meet regulatory standards, safeguard their reputational integrity, and enhance operational efficiency with deep data insights.

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