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Benefit from the Familiarity of Zoom Without Compliance Challenges

Zoom experienced rapid growth during the 2020 pandemic amid changing working practices and its easy to use and intuitive design. As of October 2023, Zoom has 219,700 Enterprise customers (Zoom). It is one of the leading UCaaS platforms available. But how can regulated industries benefit from its familiar features while meeting regulatory obligations?


The answer is CC1.


Powered by Custodia, CC1 captures Zoom voice calls, videos, instant messages, screen sharing, and meetings, consolidating this data with other regulated communications and operational data across the business. The result is a Golden Source of Truth that provides clean, validated data for compliance and data-driven decision-making.

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The Edge CC1 Gives to Regulated Zoom Users

CC1 captures, reconciles, validates, and normalizes regulated data (including data from the use of Zoom) while streamlining compliance and risk management workflows with automated alerting, governance checks and audit processes.


The service provides the tools to meet regulatory demands and a secure export API that unlocks the potential of deep business insights from third-party systems, such as intense data analytics (DA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).


"Compliance tools must be reliable, high-functioning, and future-proofed."


CC1 is an evergreen and cloud-based service that leverages the latest technology to capture, validate, and archive regulated digital data from multiple modalities, including Zoom.

CC1 Key Performances

Unparalleled Capture Availability

With 99.999% (5*9s) capture availability, CC1 goes above and beyond to capture communications and data.

Unified User Interface and Secured API

The compliance estate is simple to view with a single user interface, while a secured API facilitates integration with third-party platforms, including data analytics (DA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

Enabling Hybrid/Remote Work

CC1 empowers collaboration and communication across all channels, including Zoom, supporting productivity and regulatory compliance regardless of physical location.

Near-Real-Time Reconciliation and Validation of Data

CC1 reconciles and validates captured data in near-real-time, allowing regulated industries to create an accurate, complete, and immutable archive.

Golden Source of Truth

By consolidating Zoom data with all other captured communications, business, and operational data, CC1 creates a Golden Source of Truth that empowers organizations with a definitive record for compliance and data-driven decision making.

Secure Zoom Recording

With data encryption and granular access/permission controls, CC1 enables organizations to decide who can access captured data, assisting in compliance with privacy regulations and security protocols.

Evergreen Service with 24/7 Support

CC1 offers an evergreen service model backed by 24/7/365 support. It provides data capture, validation, and archiving with assistance from skilled technical experts when needed.

Compliant Use of Zoom

CC1 gives businesses the tools to comply with data capture and archiving regulations while benefitting from the familiarity and convenience of Zoom.

Global Deployment

Deployable throughout global organizations, CC1 provides the toolkit for regulatory compliance across jurisdictions.

Ready To Get Started?

Join the global industries already benefitting from CC1 and contact our Custodia experts today.

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