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Regulated Data Archives and Why They Matter: The Best Way to Use Captured Data

As the data generated by globalized and flexible marketplaces grows in complexity, the need for regulated businesses to capture, validate, and archive their data grows more acute.

A verified, secured, and accessible regulated digital data archive is the best way to guard against reputational damage that can follow public sanctions for breaching regulatory obligations.

However, all data capture and archiving services are not created equal.

There is a significant difference between a siloed archive that does not reconcile or validate regulated digital data and a reconciled, validated, and normalized data lake that delivers a whole-business perspective and enables you to gain deep insights from your captured data.

We operate in a business environment where regulatory bodies demand that digital archives exist for a specific period, regulatory audits and regulatory requests for data can be highly time-sensitive, and investigations can put regulated data on legal hold indefinitely.

These issues affect regulated global businesses in different ways across the multiple jurisdictions of their operations.

Who'd want to work in regulatory compliance?

Fortunately, CC1, powered by Custodia, gives regulated industries the tools they need to capture, validate, and archive their regulated digital data.

Built to empower compliance teams, CC1 reconciles and validates regulated digital data captured from any source, ensuring that archived data is accurate and unchanging, backed by audit trails and secure encryption to become a Golden Source of Truth (an immutable archive of who did what and when).

CC1 can even capture, validate, and archive communications and digital data shared on unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. Click here to read our blog on the topic.

But what about the whole business perspective and insights I mentioned earlier?

Well, the user interface of CC1 allows you to view your business-wide regulated digital data in a single view - data silos eliminated by the cloud-based system and its ability to capture data from live, historic, cloud, on-premises, and legacy sources.

You can search and recall captured regulated data when needed, helping to meet regulatory obligations, and enabling proactive compliance.


An image depicting the dashboard of CC1 Insight - a holistic view of all your captured regulated digital data.

The process of normalizing the multiple formats of captured data into a unified and usable asset that can be shared through the CC1 export API via CC1 Insight opens up the use of third-party platforms for intense data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

Not all data capture and archiving services are created equal.

There is the compliant and agile CC1, powered by Custodia, that delivers the tools to comply with regulatory obligations and gain the potential of deep business insights from third-party cutting-edge software, and then there are the rest.

Contact Custodia today to benefit from CC1.

And keep your eyes peeled for our next blog that explores archiving in relation to MS Teams.


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