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Safeguard Your Reputation: The Importance of MS Teams and Unified Communications Compliance!

The Importance of MS Teams and Unified Communications Capture.

Over a million organizations use Microsoft Teams as their chosen unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider, including 91% of Fortune 100 companies.

Great news for Microsoft, but what does it mean for regulated industries?

It means your employees are likely to be familiar with the UCaaS platform, and given its integration with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 365, MS Teams is here to stay, offering a convenient communications solution that empowers flexible working in a rapidly changing business world.

But the story doesn't simply end there.

Regulators have adapted quickly, ensuring that MS Teams data must be captured and archived to meet regulatory obligations, sanctioning firms that break the rules.

How do companies protect themselves?

A verified, secured, and consolidated regulated digital data archive is the best way to guard against reputational damage that can follow public sanctions for breaching regulatory obligations. Read our previous blog on the topic.

But that archive must include MS Teams.

We operate in a world where:

· Regulatory bodies demand digital archives to exist for a specific period.

· Regulatory audits and requests for data can be time-sensitive.

· Investigations can put regulated data on legal hold indefinitely.

To ensure the capture, validation, and archiving of MS Teams data while maintaining the UCaaS platform's benefits, regulated industries need the right toolkit for compliance.

Regulated industries need CC1.

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CC1, powered by Custodia, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, capturing voice, video, screen sharing, and instant messages.

CC1 also reconciles and validates regulated digital data captured from any source (live, historic, cloud, on-premises, and legacy sources), ensuring that archived data is accurate and unchanging, backed by audit trails and secure encryption to become a Golden Source of Truth (an immutable archive of who did what and when).

CC1 provides a single-pane view of the captured clean and verified regulated digital data, consolidating information captured from Microsoft Teams with business-wide regulated data to give a truly holistic view. The normalized data can be searched and recalled when needed, and used with third-party apps via the export API to open up the use of intensive data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

There is a reason we believe CC1 is the best way to capture and archive MS Teams data.

To learn more about how CC1 can capture and archive your MS Teams data. Contact our team here.


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